Don’t worry about that gaslighting period

You think you’re so kind to me. You think nothing of when you cut me up with your words but save all the nice ones for your friends.

I wonder when I stopped being beloved and became the lowly disappointment I am. You’re spooning out my guts and you say its all my fault. You continue to try to mold me to your specifications.

I’m always wrong and I’m never enough but you’re always in the right. I don’t want to wake up and find out what you’ll be disappointed in me for that day anymore. Each day you judge me. You don’t care to know me and accuse me of being awful instead. I have no comfort. I have no home. I’m tired and receive no rest. I’m alone.

If you say,”don’t keep it bottled up” make sure you’re not the reason I have to secure and tighten that lid.

Thorn In My Side

Thorn in my side

Perforates my heart

Claws at me inside

While others sprint towards progress

You refuse to acquiesce

Despite the ardor you profess

Yet I wait

Each day stained

In a tedious state

By the end

Are we there?

Did you bend?

Or does my heart throughout

Become so riddled with holes

That I bleed out?

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