Sunlight On Eyelids

Or at least this is my take on sunlight on the backs of my eyelids. I had a few different ideas for this, because I’ve been meaning to do this painting for a while.

Also the direction the sun is hitting you and how you’re facing and how bright it is on your face at the time changes this idea/view. Each effects the image on my eyelids and this was just my favorite, because it reminds me of light reflecting on water. I’m not sure if I achieved that, but I’m happy with my result either way.

I love the feeling of the warmth, peace, and happiness that sunlight dancing across my closed eyelids creates for me and I tried to capture that. I think I’ll get a little bit of that when I look at it, so I’m glad I finally managed to start and complete it. I plan on doing one with a night concept, probably will be quite different even though I plan on displaying the paintings together once they’re both finished.

Clark Kent & Lois Lane

I sketched this out probably two years or so ago. Last weekend I finally started to paint it. I finished it yesterday and got it all hung up on the wall. I’m just proud of myself for actually doing it and not leaving the sketched canvas in box any longer.

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