Romance Reading Dislikes and Favorites

Finding The Love Of A Good Ebook

Romance novels with some steamy scenes are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Even some of the poorly written or convoluted/rushed plots can have merits. However it turns out there are just somethings I cannot connect with or find believable enough to choose to read even when the read has a $0.99 cent price tag.

I enjoy all sorts of genres, but in the romance genre it is sometimes difficult to find a kindle ebook that has a trope, age demographic, or type of style I’m looking for. I don’t know if this is because I don’t have the correct keywords. Unless I’m being constantly misunderstood by my kindle book suggestions that prompt new books based on what I just finished reading.

What I do know is I’m spending a lot of time sifting through romance novel suggestions that aren’t at all what I’m interested in. I won’t complain though, I have had a bit of luck lately finding ones I like.
These Aren’t The Droids I’m Looking For – My Dislikes

1: Reverse Harams

I thought I didn’t like these. I’ve found a few of these I actually do like. I found that sometimes I just have to be in a mood to change up what I’m reading at the time and I’ll see if one these fit the bill. It turns out I was wrong, cause if done well these can be enjoyable.

2: Virgin Heroine/Hero Or Both

This is not terrible. It’s tolerable, but it still kind of dampens the appeal of a romance book for me, especially when it isn’t made believable or they make a big deal of it. I recently read a book were the male lead character constantly said sexual things to the lead female character to a point were I felt I could only assume he wasn’t a virgin. Once the couple had finished having sex they both confessed that, that had been their first time. There was no moment were anything was awkward or painful and no believable reason as to why they were still without that experience previously. While it wasn’t deal breaker with that book, I still had to spend a bit of time convincing myself on the virgin part.

Most times it’s the woman who has to be a virgin only, as if it somehow improves her character. It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to have sexual feelings/desires and have previous lovers. Anyone who says any different is a sexist douche bag. That’s strictly my opinion, but it’s definitely still pretty much a fact. Yeah, I get the appeal of being someone’s one and only, but I also love the growth that accompanies past experience and being able to rock someone’s world because of the whole loved and learned thing.

This situation happens more with the heroines because of the societal stigma that woman have to be pure and virginal to have worth. Please, and no thank you. All things considered though if it’s done correctly it doesn’t turn me out too bad or dampen the story. However, at the end of the day I prefer them experienced because it adds character.

3: Baby/Pregnancy

Why do they have to be expecting? Very rarely do I find romance novels with pregnancy and/or a baby in the mix appealing. There’s nothing wrong with babies or pregnant women. I just like most of my romance novels without them because babies and pregnancy are responsibilities that don’t compute to adding to the vibe I’m looking for during my reads. That being said, I have found maybe one or two books that involve this and have been able to pull it off and still be entertaining.

4: Lead Characters Under 20 Years Old

This one is a bit iffy, because I do enjoy some of these. But I again prefer when the heroes and heroines are between their twenties and thirties. Mostly because if there are any sex scenes with younger individuals, being older I generally feel more comfortable reading about older couples. Additionally I relate more with characters closer to my age demographic.

5: Significant Age Gaps Between Love Interests

This is more of a ten years or plus age difference. I recently read a series were the first book there was an eight year age difference between the hero and heroine. I didn’t mind it much in that book. I myself am six years younger than my husband and have rarely dated men my exact age. That being said I probably will have a hard time getting into a romance novel with an eighteen year old or twenty year old with a 40 year old. They’d have to do a really good job for me to like it is all.
The Mr. Rights – My Favorites

1: Pretend Relationship To Real One

Because I know they’re kidding themselves if either of them even think for a moment that they’re not going to end up together. I love the surprise and realization of the pretend love turning into a true/real love. The heroes and heroines in these pairings tend to have a hard time realizing they want love or deserve love. I’m addicted to the journey they take discovering that they do.

2: Roommates To Lovers

It’s another situation were a pair gets to see all the parts of another person without the intention of a romantic relationship, but they become so enamored with all the things about their roommate other people don’t get to see, that they accidentally fall in love anyway. Which is another aspect as to why I like the fake relationship to real relationship because like the roommate to lovers they can’t help but fall. They fall in love with all the good and the bad not because they have to but because, well, in way how could they not?

3: Fall In Love With Best Friend’s Brother

I admit this probably has to do with a bit of the taboo part of this trope that I like. But also a best friends brother would be someone a heroine would look up to and also probably have the hots for, for a while. I do like a slow burn romance sometimes. There’s also an element of each love interest having information and bonding experiences others might not have because of the involvement each has in each others lives. It’s another love every part of them sort of thing because they got to see who they each are, more than likely.

4: Fall In Love With Brother’s Best Friend

Taboo element again here as well. Usually a few years older and someone they would grow up with that would have that familiarity and bonding experiences others might not have had the chance to have based on connections. I just love the not supposed to factor and they’re fighting against themselves for the good of their family or friend but they fall anyway.

5: Friends To Lovers

This is one of my favorites because it makes so much sense. In my opinion all the best relationships start as friends and become lovers. Who better to love you than a friend or best friend who knows you inside and out. A person who only wants the best for you. Who wants to give you the world and everything they have. Sure that’s the idea when most people fall in love, but a best friend or friend they’ve had your back all this time, even before wanting more from you. So most times if that love is reciprocated it can only get better from there.

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