Just A Moment In Time

No longer a person.

Just a moment in time.

Time slipped away along with who we were.

A cagged bird with clipped wings.

A mute singer who used to sing.

Mercilessly, time streaked past and faded to black.

There we were trying not to choke on the people we used to be.

As we stumbled over who we had become.

While falling face first into the sea of who people perceive us to be.

So much bigger and smaller than we are all the time.

How can this be?

How did we lose ourselves?

How have we lagged so far behind?

Just a moment in time.

Young and vibrant only yesterday it seemed.

Thriving with promise.

All the paths stretching before our adventurous feet.

We became sad songs playing in the background.

Ever changing.

Just a moment in time.

We were restless and lost.

Aimless, we aimed.

Until we found the homes our strained hearts were meant to rest.

We found our feet and stopped trying to double back.

We caught our minds and threw off the weight that threatened to break us.

Our worlds lit up.

Everything that was big returned to a manageable size.

We no longer felt small.

Just a moment in time.

One moment in time that changed it all.

A moment in time that made us realize we had always been on the right track afterall.

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