Quality Control

My husband and I work for the same company. While my work is sort of the grunt work on the factory floor, my husband’s role is a lot of documentation type work. He has a cubicle area he shares with about five other guys.

Ben and his cubical mates have come up with these ideas for a show about themselves working at our company with some grandiose elements and situations thrown in. Every time, my husband, Ben tells me about these episodes and I imagine them animated, kind of like the FX series Archer. Sort of like Senfield meets Archer.

I read up a bit on Archer’s animation process and it seems like it’d be difficult to do something like it. I honestly didn’t understand how they ended up merging all of it together. It seems really interesting from what I’ve read.

The first time I watched Archer I really loved the animation. Thinking back, I’ve probably always been interested in animation. One of my absolute favorite types is stop motion though. The process is so complex. I love watching behind the scenes of movies, etc. being made in this style. My sixth grade teacher introduced to us/ let us watch Wallace and Gromit in class a few times and was in love with how it was done.

I read in a few articles that the Archer animators use some sort of rigging for the characters. So it sounds a bit like stop motion, but I don’t think it quite is. I’d probably have to see it done to really understand it, but it makes sense why it’s so unique. I don’t know how serious my husband and his coworkers are about these episodes they joke about, but I think it be fun to do a mock-up of it.

It’d be interesting even as a graphic novel/comic or something to start. I mean we work in a factory, I’m not sure how someone would go about jumping into animating a t.v. series. But, hey research I guess.

Web series or a netflix series would be cool. Not that it’s a piece of cake to break into either. I’d like to draw it up though. I think there’s probably programs that can be used so my fingers don’t go numb from sketching it out by hand. Typing doesn’t seem to bother me so, yeah.

I don’t think they like the idea of it be animated as much as I do. They still talk about it non-animated. Hopefully they write them all down to do something with them.

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